The Launch of Kérastase Cristalliste

In case you're new to the knack, you might not know of my intense love of Kérastase.

I first tried their products back in 2009 and fell for them immediately. How could a product change the complete texture and structure in just one try? Do you mean I didn't have to live with straw-like hair, despite my insistence on washing and drying it every day as well as bleaching and lightening to the lightest blonde possible? Yes, as long as I use Kérastase.

Then just about a year ago, I tried Kérastase Soleil and again, my hair went from a matted rat's nest of dried out locks to gorgeous Hollywood-worthy hair.
This past winter, Kérastase asked four influential bloggers2 french/2 english - to test their new product, Fibre Architecte and I was one of the lucky ones. Here's the first glimpse and the final result.

And last month, I was fortunate to be invited to the launch of their NEW Cristalliste range, made to keep young, long hair shiny and soft.

Held at Toronto's esteemed Nadège Patisserie (pictured above)  in Rosedale, and captured on film by the most talented photographer I know, Josh Fee (thanks for letting me use some of your fantastic shots here), it was quite the swanky event. people come from all over for their macarons. And yes, we not only got to nibble on lovely delicacies in the shop (pictured above), we got to bring home a gorgeous rainbow of macarons (photographed below by me - also a little squashed because of me).

One of the problems with having long hair is that product can weigh it down, while not addressing specific needs throughout the length of the hair, such as breakage, lackluster, dry locks. The Cristalliste range has been made to conquer all of these issues, giving you smooth, weightless, sparkling, healthy hair.

As you can see from Josh's lovely pic below, my hair (centre) is neither youthful, long, nor shiny.

But even my ravaged mane reaped unbelievable benefits from using Bain Cristal (shampoo varieties available for both fine and thick hair - I tried both), Lait Cristal (this incredible conditioner detangles, softens and moisturizes the length and ends) and Lumière Liquide Serum (a finishing product that you can apply on wet or dry hair, that amps up your shine like you wouldn't believe - and it smells wonderful too).

The entire Cristalliste line made my hair more luminous, supple and well, gorgeous as always. And that's on my old, way-over-twenty-something hair. Imagine what it can do to yours.

Kérastase Cristalliste is only available in salons, so go to one near you and have gorgeous hair within minutes.

p.s. I love you Kérastase. Thank you for giving me the hair of the rich and famous when I am neither.

Stephanie Dickison

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