Cath Kidston Chicken Kitchen Notes - Say That 10 Times Fast

It's no wonder the whimsical and retro looking pieces that Cath Kidston creates have caught on worldwide. There is a real comfort to the modern nostalgia she evokes. 

So when  came across her Chicken Kitchen Notes, I swooned. The chickens, the gingham and the colour palettes make me think of picnics, cold fried chicken and warm potato salad with a vinegar mustard dressing. It's kind of like she takes happy-go-lucky images and memories and presents them in the sweetest package.

A firm rectangular magnetic board with rounded corners is covered in pretty paint-brushed chickens of all colours - pink, green, red and blue. It's almost too adorable to handle. But don't worry, you will. 
The board holds 2 small notebooks: a shopping list and a menu pad (in other words, everything you need to get dinner on the table every night with ease). A small red pencil with white polka dots fits neatly in between. It's simply divine and a fantastic gift for anyone who spends time in the kitchen or at the stove.

As much as I want to be organized, I want my papers and things to look good too. Cath delivers both. Now and always.

Cath Kidston Chicken Kitchen Notes make what used to be a chore, a complete and utter delight.

Buy yours now. In fact, stock up for birthdays and holidays. This will be a gift you know they'll love. And actually use.

Stephanie Dickison

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