Always Be Ready with the All-Occasion Notecard Set by Two Trick Pony

I have learned the hard way that it's an awful feeling not to have an appropriate card at the ready. The panic of having to rush out to get something when you're already so pressed for time and behind schedule is an awful feeling, as is the one of getting a "just okay" card because you haven't had time to shop around for a "good" one.

Whether you want to congratulate someone, wish them well or happy birthday, send a thank you, thinking of you or sympathy card, you want to have that card on hand - because we both know how crazy life can be and if you don't have a beautiful one ready to go, you're going to have to rush out and get something quick. And both you and I know that will probably mean a card that isn't quite right, one that doesn't quite represent you or them.

Which is why I am so grateful to have found the amazing, beautiful,  lifesaving All-Occasion Notecard Set by Two Trick Pony!

I took a picture of the inside (above) because I wanted you to see not only the variety of gorgeous cards you get, but that it comes all organized for you, so that all you have to do is go to the appropriate section and select the card you need. Fast, easy and oh-so practical, this is going to be one of those items that once you have, you simply can't live without!

These Two Trick Tony blank cards allow you to write a message as long or short as you like with no pre-printed cheesy sayings to get in the way. And not only are the designs themselves stunning, contemporary with a retro feel and colourful, the envelopes are sunny and captivating as well!

Ensure you'll never be caught off guard again -  get the All-Occasion Notecard Set by Two Trick Pony now!

Stephanie Dickison

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