Happy Sweet 16 Philosophy!

Last summer I was introduced to Philosophy for the first time and it was love at first sight/try! 

Everything I've tried - from the Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser to Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector to the MicroExfoliating Treatment - I've clung to. See, you just can't believe how well/fast/great their products work until you try it and then once you see the amazing results, you realize how ultimate they are and then you've got to not only have them for life, but one for home, one for travel...

Philosophy is celebrating their 16th birthday today, so Happy Birthday Philosophy!

And in honour of this momentous occasion, you can join in on the celebration with their Limited-Edition Sweet 16 Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.

You really have to inhale this sweet scent to believe it, but it's like having freshly baked cinnamon buns right there in the shower with you! It smells so authentic you will either lose pounds because you'll forgo the real thing or you'll have to run out and indulge in the actual dessert (I bet it's the first one).

Either way, just imagine how luxurious you'll feel showering with the truly authentic scent of cinnamon buns swirling around you instead of your usual fabricated floral stuff.

Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmm! This is the life!

And Happy Birthday, Philosophy! Thanks for all the great must-have-can't-live-without products you've created!

Stephanie Dickison

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