Getting Married? Having a Baby? Celebrate with Shichijiro Invitations!

It's wedding and baby season, which means you're going to need invitations.

But not any ol' invites will do. You want something sweet and pretty, something that will bring a smile to someone's face.

Shichijiro offers whimsical images and the gentlest lettering that will delight your guests and perhaps they'll even frame them as I have!

I absolutely adore these works of art.  Shichijiro, a Wall Street trader working the nightshift, must find such relief and comfort in producing these cards, as they are filled with such happiness and joie de vivre! How they can be this affordable I don't know, but I'm not complaining.

Wedding invitations are often too ornate for my liking. But Shichijiro Wedding Invitations are so lovely, it almost makes me want to get married! 

- I love the joy of Birds on Branches in Yellow and the fonts used for their names - so contemporary without being audacious. 
- The delicate Handmade Pink Wedding Invitation is feminine without being too girly. And the juxtaposition of the handwritten-style font with the simple sans serif font is just gorgeous. This guy is brilliant with fonts, as well as composition and illustration. Which let's face it, is the trifecta of invites, but something that you rarely get. 
- You can't help but "Awww!" over the Little Boat Invitation.  And the sweet printed lettering beneath is just perfect.
- Simple and slightly Swedish in design, Valley Bouquet works whether you're going for a vintage-style wedding or something more modern.
- Peaceful Stroll is perfect for the outdoorsy couple (come on, we all know at least one!).
- The calm, soothing waves of Beach Wedding is phenomenal - sparse, yet extremely memorable.
- And Foxy Love (pictured above)? Too cute!

Thick papers, rich, smooth colourful inks, unbelievably original designs and some of the best fonts I've ever seen on invites. Yep, you get it all with Shichijiro Wedding Invites.

Shop Shichijiro now and get cards as memorable as your special occasion.

Stephanie Dickison

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