Bloom Black Ties Are My Favourite New Accessory!

Are you old enough to remember scrunchies, those huge, billowing fabric hair elastics?

I am. Ooh, they were big.  And not very sophisticated or pretty

But since then, there hasn't really been any hair elastic that's really captured our attention in the same way.

That is, until now, thanks to Bloom Black Ties.
These ultra stylish elastics are so posh that you'll want to wear them on your wrist as much as in your hair. Which is how their creation began - Designer Lindsay Bloom "constantly noticed fashionable women wearing black hair elastics on their wrist," and "sought to find a way to take this everyday item and make it more stylish."

So not only do you get a beautiful hair accessory, you get a bracelet that holds your hair in place. How amazing is that?

The collection offers many fashionable, luxe looks that will add a little edge to your outfit. I got the set of Signature Black Ties that illustrate the beauty and timeless of links - one in silver, the other in copper - and allows me the flexibility to match my other jewelry, accessories and wardrobe pieces. The Lynx set with its lovely chunky gold and silver links, also gives you the option of switching up your look, as does the Antique set - because life's too short for rockin' just one elastic!

I am absolutely crazy about the very fashion forward white and black acrylic ties. And I'm lusting after the Gala Black Ties that add instant glamour to any outfit. And aren't Crest Ties very Gossip Girl preppy? They make me want to wear fitted blazers and crisp white shirts, neither of which I wear. That's a fabulous accessory, don't you think? Braids are very big this season, so why not rock your own way with the Braid Black Ties Set?

From now on, you won't see me with a plain elastic in my hair or on my wrist. Not after discovering the fabulous Bloom Black Ties.

Shop for your own ties now.

Stephanie Dickison

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