Fabulous Hair is Yours, Thanks to Free Your Mane Restorative Hair Oil!

For some reason, February has been jam-packed with events. Last week, I was at a restaurant all five weeknights. Madness, I tell you!

But apart from having to try and write, design and run meetings while workin' the crowd every night, the hard part has been my hair. 

See, I just finished colouring it twice in one week. I know, so bad! And then because I wanted to look my best, I not only blow-dried my hair every day, but then went to work on it with a flat iron. All of that combined with the dip in temperatures left my hair looking like tumbleweed and feeling like steel wool.

I knew that it could be not only weeks, but perhaps months before my hair got back to its usual dry, but okay nature, but then Free Your Mane Restorative Hair Oil showed up and changed everything.

I have known about the blessings of argan oil for your hair for awhile, but Free Your Mane doesn't just stop there. They pack so many nourishing, rich oils into this one product, that no matter how bad your hair, it will be renewed, refreshed, moisturized, shiny and even soft!

Using an exclusive blend of baobab oil (from Africa), argan oil, pomegranate seed oil and sweet almond oil, and free of parabens, your hair will be completely transformed. Mine certainly is. Go ahead and touch it. I don't mind. You should feel it for yourself.

And if getting hair that was better than you had before isn't enough for you, get this:

- your hair gets protected from the environment, heat and whatever else you throw at it on a daily basis
-  it extends your colour with regular use
- as you flat iron, just watch at how quickly your hair smooths and straightens (it wasn't like that before)
- go ahead and use it on your extensions too!

All you do is add a quarter-size drop to your damp hair after your shower and then go ahead and style and get ready as per usual.

This miracle in a bottle is a necessity for me now. I'm not going anywhere without it. It took my hair from blah to dazzling with just one application. Just imagine how my hair is going to look in a month, no matter how many times I wash/blow dry/straighten it!

Get Free Your Mane Restorative Hair Oil now and have fabulous hair by tomorrow!!!

Stephanie Dickison

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