OMG's Chocolate Graham Clusters Are Insanely Addictive

The problem I have with most chocolate treats is that they are way too sweet for me. They usually embody a sugariness that makes my teeth ache. So if I want something just a little sweet, it can difficult to find something that satiates my craving without making me feel a little woozy.

That's why I am crazy for OMG's.

These bite-size clusters are perfect for a little sweet treat during the dreaded 2 p.m. dozies or as an after dinner delight. Available in milk or dark chocolate versions, graham, diced almonds and toffee meld together, giving you not just a hit of beloved chocolate, but a range of textures that delivers intense pleasure and satisfaction.

If you're wondering why this feeling feels slightly familiar, perhaps its that creators Chris Emery and Larry Finnson developed the wildly successful Clodhoppers back in '96. In fact, Chris & Larry actually  are involved in making the OMG's at their headquarters in Winnipeg:

“Larry and I missed working together doing something we love to do, which is to satisfy candy lovers across Canada, so we decided to do it all over again,” Chris says.

I love that you can have 5 clusters and it's only 130 calories (for the dark chocolate version). You can indulge without the guilt for once!

OMG's will be available the first week of March at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, Atlantic Superstores and Zehrs.

Stephanie Dickison

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