DrawerDecor Lets You Customize Your Drawers To Fit What You Have!

We moved to a new house in December and while it is a dream space for us (the second bedroom is an office and our living room has enough room to dance), the kitchen has been a challenge as I lost all the floor space I had (now I have cupboards along the floor). The hurdle has been to try and fit everything into low cupboards (cans are teetering, pots are piled), though for the first time I have 3 wide drawers to play with.

These drawers have also presented as a challenge because I haven't been able to find any organizers that fit. And while those custom cubes that you slide together give you more flexibility, they cost a whack of dough. All for that one space? I don't think so.

I had searched high and low and pretty much given up when I discovered DrawerDecor.

This absolute beauty is everything I've ever wanted and more! Take a look:

1. It allows you the flexibility to organize your tools, your way.

We all have different utensils and kitchen accessories, so why should we all have to cram them into the 3 designs that are out there? When I was searching for a drawer organizer, I was amazed at how small, short and narrow the compartments were - who wants to organize a single knife?

2. It adds colour to your otherwise boring drawer.

That's the other thing I noticed - why are all utensil organizers white or plain wood? Who doesn't want a little hit of colour every time they open their drawer? It's seriously one of my favourite features of this beauty - and the selection of colours is amazing! You can choose to match your kitchen or do something completely different. After all, no one will know whether you've got Orange, Sky Blue, KMN Red, Lime or Iris in there, so go crazy! Go wild!

3. The non-slip basemat means that your stuff stays put.

All of the utensil organizers I've ever had have always shimmied and sometimes even crashed around the drawer. How annoying. Not only did that mean that every time I opened the drawer, I have to pull it down so that I could get at what I wanted it, but it made a helluva racket.  This one doesn't budge. Hallelujah!

4. It works with what you have. Even the new stuff.

Reposition your layout as much as you like. I get new kitchen stuff all the time. If you need to keep that avocado slicer close at hand, go ahead and add it to your drawer. It'll take you a couple of seconds at most.

5. It's super easy to assemble. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.

You simply:
- cut the basemat to fit your drawer
- put it in the drawer
- put your utensils on top of the mat
- place the little dividers (divitz) on either side of your utensil

Consider yourself organized. Super organized. So organized that I promise you, every time you open this drawer and see all of your tools beautifully arranged with a pop of hot colour beneath it, you will smile. And you'll feel a sense of calm wash over you every time you open and close it.

Now if only DrawerDecor made these for closets, rooms and life.

Get your own DrawerDecor and finally love your drawers as much as the rest of the kitchen!

p.s. Nothing says you can't use these wonders in your office, garage and anywhere else you need to get things in order.

Stephanie Dickison

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