Boo-Boo Cover Up Keeps Your Imperfections Under Wraps

I wish you could have seen my arm last week. 

I was taking out the garbage and accidentally crashed the inside of my elbow into our iron fence (I could blame it on my new glasses prescription, but I was probably thinking about deadlines and not paying attentions). It hurt like crazy at the time and even 2 days later, but the mark it left was unbelievably ugly. Two large oval-shaped, purple bruises appeared against my pale skin - making it look like I'd just been to an intense cupping session or I'd been attacked and probed by aliens. I mean, it looked really gross. 

The thing was, I had at least 2 meetings a day for the next week and it was a little too warm for long-sleeves. What was I going to do? 

Lucky for me, I discovered Boo-Boo Cover Up for the Body.

This rescue-in-a-tube is not just a concealer, but a healing formula that contains natural ingredients such as Aloe, Camomile, Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E - so that your bug bite, burn, scar, cut or bruise, even acne, heals while being camouflaged and you can look like a normal human being. Feel free to use it on your face, neck, heels - anywhere you need to disguise something not-so-pretty.

What I love about it is how soft it goes on and feels on your skin. It doesn't have a lick of greasiness to it either and lasts and lasts without leaving a foundation-y smudge on your clothes or furniture. And you can apply more than one layer without looking all cake-y - just be sure to let one layer dry before applying another.

It is currently available in medium, which worked with my pale skin. Light and dark shades are being planned for later this year.

So you can toss that box of bandages aside (they just fall off or leave sticky goop behind anyway) and all those ointments taking up valuable real estate in your medicine cabinet. Instead, now you can look fabulous while speeding the process of healing along!

Get Boo-Boo Cover Up now and go get your passport photo taken or work that meeting with confidence! You can do anything now that you've got Boo-Boo.

Stephanie Dickison

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