Estée Lauder's New Pure Colour Gloss in Citron Kiss is Poppin'!

There is a wonderfully fun song by L'il Mama called "Lipgloss."

She raves about various lipglosses that she's coveting. 

If I could do one, I'd do it about Citron Kiss, the new golden gloss from the Pure Colour Spring 2012 Collection by Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estée Lauder

Tom says:

"My inspiration behind the collection was vacationing in Arizona, enjoying the warm sun, the amazing desert colours and the shadows that play on the sand and rocks. I was thinking of a gorgeously healthy-looking woman that had an element of fantasy in her personality. I wanted to convey that with a palette of strong yet soft colours."

Mmm, doesn't that sound just perfect for this time of year, when we all need warming up and a little extra glow?

And that's why Citron Kiss is such a perfect addition to your makeup collection right now. This limited edition gloss gives you that sun-kissed effect without making you look like you're a Vegas showgirl. In fact, it's quite sheer and just lightly sprinkles sunshiney warmth to your lips.

What seals this amazing gloss as an absolute beauty essential is that it can be worn on its own or over another lip product as a way to enhance and warm it up. 

And if you're like me and tend to shy away from golds (I'm so pink that it often looks weird on me), don't be afraid of this one. It's not only long-lasting, it works with your skin like no other precious metal before it. In fact, it may just suit you better than what you've been using up until now.

That's the power of Estée Lauder - you will covet this so much that when the limited edition run is over, you will spend the rest of your days trying to replicate its look and feel.

Stephanie Dickison

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