Bee a Natural Beauty with Meadowlake Farm's Artisianal Skin Care

I use honey in my tea and in my toast because of its powerful healing properties. So just imagine what those nutrients and vitamins would do if placed right on your skin.

Honey "contains an abundance of Gluconic Acid the most effective Alpha Hydroxy acid in facial skin care as well as a multitude of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals too numerous to mention, plus many skin regenerating substances yet to be fully understood."

So I went to the pros - Meadowlake Farm.

Meadowlake Farm Organic Skin Care is made on a sustainable farm. The founder, herbalist and apiarist work together to create organic skin care products that not only make a difference to you and I, but the environment and the bees. It's really quite amazing and moving when you think about all that has to be done in order to produce the honey and beeswax that is the cornerstone of these products.

And just wait until you try them!
About Eyes is the perfect way to keep you looking like you got 8 hours sleep instead of 4 and to tighten up those under eye pouches that could hold all of the Kardashian's luggage. Pure raw honey, beeswax, jojoba, sweet almond and borage oils soften and soothe your skin while grapefruit, French lavender, orange and lemon essential oils infuse you with a calm that will help get you through the rest of your crazy day.

About Face is a cream that once you try, you'll be addicted to forever. It completely transforms your skin. I put it on first thing in the morning and right before bed and my skin looks youthful with a wonderful glow. What I love most is that:

- it too has a fragrance that instantly lightens your mood and spirit
- it's made with all natural ingredients, so you can't help but feel great about using it
- you can feel the moisture sink in right away
- it will go head to head with any of those department store creams that you've been doling out hundreds of dollars for each month and cost a fraction of that (sooo inexpensive!)

Now I know what you're thinking - if only you could get your body to feel that good too. Oh honey, of course you can, thanks to Meadowlake's Body Basics (pictured above)! As soon as I slather this love-in-a-bottle on, my skin goes from unkempt to unbelievable. Smooth, soft, supple with that fragrance that isn't manufactured but completely all-natural.

It's easy to see why I am smitten with Meadowlake Farm Organic Skin Care. Go get smitten too.

Stephanie Dickison

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