Esquire's Eat Like a Man Cookbook is a Fantastic Holiday Gift

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - I eat like a man.

Not in terms of portions, but I love meat and I love cooking meat. I always tell people I want to open a Southern restaurant, but I should be more specific: I want to open a very meat-heavy restaurant. Now that's not to say that's all men eat. In fact, Esquire's Eat Like a Man Cookbook has dishes like oatmeal (Jalapeno and Ancho Oatmeal, though - how cool is that?), tuna melts (with ahem, Charred-Rosemary Mayo) and macaroni pie (you'll never eat just plain mac & cheese after this).

But let's be real here for a minute - there's a huge steak on the cover and what do I make for dinner almost every night of the week? Meat.

That's why I got this book. Because I need ideas for dinners and dinner parties. I need to change it up from time to time. And sometimes, I need to man up.

There are not just recipes here, but hints on how to host a party (most helpful at this time of year, wouldn't you say?), great drinks to make (you're going to need this most between now and New Year's Day) and Esquire classic dishes from the 50s that will bring a whole new level of excitement to the table.

Each recipe tells you how difficult it is to make, so you can instantly assess whether this is a Thursday night, cram dinner in before your favourite show or something you want to spend a little more time crafting on a Sunday afternoon.

This book is not just for men, but people who want to good food well. And that means I qualify. So I'm off to make Braised Beef Brisker with Horseradish Cream & Pickled Onion, Duck Fat Potatoes and William Styron's Clam Chowder from the Nov 1984 issue.

Feel free to make the Broiled Broccoli and Banana Bread French Toast if you like. There's nothing wrong with that. Just don't ask to try my Steak Au Poivre or Coca-Cola-Brined Fried Chicken.

Give Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook A Man Will Ever Need this holiday season. You'll not only have some very grateful folks on your hands, you might even finagle yourself an invite to dinner.

Stephanie Dickison

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