Get a First Glimpse at Kérastase's Fibre Architecte In Action!

I am fortunate that my work includes getting to test products that change my life, that make me look and feel good.

So when I was asked to participate in a really special project for  Kérastase, I jumped at the chance! As you'll recall, I've written about their products before back in 2009 and again in 2010. And as always with their products, it resulted in a complete transformation of my hair!

Kérastase has asked four influential bloggers2 french/2 english - to test their new product, Fibre Architecte that launches this month. We are among the first to try it out.

The first dose of Fibre Architect was administered in a Kérastase salon in Toronto - Solo Bace in Yorkville, last week. The place was jam-packed in the middle of the day, sizzling with energy and laughter. It almost had a bar after work kind of vibe.

Myself and Lisa-Marie, the other editor chosen, were treated to a "before" photo shoot by the lovely, charming and incredibly talented Josh Fee (I am in love with his work and hope to buy some of his prints for our new place). Here's a picture I took of him hard at work:

He stayed throughout the entire treatment, taking in-progress shots. Here's a few of us getting the Masque Force Architect put on and then Ciment Thermique. The lovely Claudia massaged them deeply in into the hair follicles and then my scalp, allowing me to close my eyes and enjoy a few moments of respite from the day.

We were then instructed to continue the treatment at home, thanks to a two week home-care treatment we were given at the salon.

I don't know if Kérastase was aware of the status of my hair when they chose me, but they couldn't have picked a better candidate.

I have unbelievably dry, brittle hair. I started out with beautiful shiny brown hair that I started lightening with Sun-In back when I was 12 or 13 and I've been colouring the hell of it - mostly blonde, but occasionally red and black - ever since (hint: a long time). My hair for the last year has been platinum. Which is about as bad as it gets. The parched, straw-like mop on top of my head hasn't been soft - really soft - for decades. So much so that I wasn't sure anything would help.

The quick treatments delivered at the salon - 5 minutes for the mask, a couple for the Ciment - made all the difference in the world. Even after being blow-dried and straightened at the salon (by the vivacious Tanja), my hair was enviable for once. Soft as the underside of a puppy's ears and incredibly lustrous, I felt very fortunate that I was able to take my hair out and show it off a little.

Leaving the salon for a restaurant event on the other side of Yorkville, I felt amazing. I even got compliments on my hair at the event.

But perhaps the best test was late that night, sitting on the couch next to my fella. He let out a whoop of surprise feeling my hair.

And the treatment isn't even finished yet!

I'll be returning to Solo Bace on Tuesday, November 29 for styling and a final photo shoot. I'll be posting about the experience the first week of December and you'll be able to find additional images on  Kérastase's newly launched Facebook page, which you should totally check out and "like."

Hugs of gratitude to NataPR, Solo Boce, Josh Fee Photography and of course the amazing Kérastase for allowing me this incredible opportunity. I can't wait to see the results!!

Stephanie Dickison

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