Entertaining This Holiday Season? Trudeau Helps You Serve in Style!

I am a long-time/lifelong fan of Trudeau products because they are very affordable, yet offers everything a more expensive line does. Whether you're cooking a daily meal or pulling out all the stops for company, you'll find everything you need with this amazing Canadian company that's been around since 1889.

Since I'm trying to make everything from scratch now, I have fallen for this amazing Salad Dressing Bottle and will be giving them as gifts to food-lovers this year. I love that it's easy to use (recipes are right on the bottle), it's got a dripless pop-up spout which means less mess both in the fridge and on the table, and all you have to do it shake up the ingredients and serve. It was made to fit in the fridge door and is dishwasher safe, so it's convenient too. It's easy to buy prepared dressing, but once you've made your own, you'll see how much better yours is. And now thanks to Trudeau, it takes just a few minutes to make and serve! Just imagine how impressed your party guests will be when you pull out your homemade dressing - ooh la la! 

I love holiday parties, but they can be a ton of work. To help keep it simple this year, I'm doing a lot of buffet style service. To make sure that there is salt and pepper for everyone, I'm getting a bunch of these fantastic and colourful Mini Mills. Spread around the various tables of food, these little beauties allow more than one guest to salt and pepper their food at a time - freshly ground, to boot! And because they're small, you can fit them in anywhere (I'm famous for covering the table with dishes and dishes of mains and sides). They're a party lifesaver!

And to help keep beer, pop and sparkling water caps from littering the space (cleaning up after a party is hard enough, thankyouverymuch), the Bottle Cap Catcher is a dream come true! It opens the bottles and then tidies itself as it goes. And because it can hold up to 30 caps at a time, there's no need to constantly empty it. Unless it's that kind of party...

I'm always in need of more wine glasses when it comes to party season, so when I saw the Resistech Soho Collection (pictured above), I was excited to find such a contemporary look with technology built into the lead-free crystal glass that has a resistance to chipping and has a Certified 25 Year Replacement Warranty! No matter how many occasions you host, you'll be able to count on these glasses.

Speaking of wine glasses, what are your thoughts on wine charms? They are not my thing. They are often embarrassing looking (I've had a Santa charm more than once), dated and unncessary. However, Trudeau's Floral Wine Charms completely changed my mind. These are so pretty and add visual interest to the glass, while keeping track of everyone's wine glass. Of course it was Trudeau that turned me around! 

See what I mean? Trudeau is amazing. All of their products will completely transform you and the way you do things. I couldn't cook and entertain without them.

Find a Trudeau retailer near you and have the holiday season of your life!

Stephanie Dickison

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