Duck Brand Tape Is Fun & Easy to Use Anywhere in the House

Have you ever bought duct tape, only to have it fall off a few seconds or minutes later?

I've found it incredibly hard in the past to find good quality duct tape that lasts and sticks, never mind try to find one that looks good too.

I use a ton of duct tape - and not always for around the house:

- I send my friends stationed around the world care packages and little things to let them know I'm thinking of them. Time and again, the tape I've used falls off.
- Sometimes I'll patch up a little tear in my rubber boots or a bag with some tape. Moments later, it's on the ground.
- I've lined our baseboards in tape in one area because our cat Cosmo thought it was the perfect place to scratch. The tape however is always peeling away from the wall, which drives me nuts.
- Putting coloured tape around all of our many wires and cables makes it easier to switch out our plugs at a moment's notice. I've tried numerous times, but it always comes off.

That's all changed now that I have found Duck Tape. Not only does it stick right away, they have the most amazing selection of colours and patterns to choose from! Why in the world would you use dull black or grey when you can choose something so fun and colourful?

The Christmas and birthday packages I send out this season are going to look amazing, thanks to being trimmed in Coloured Duck Tape, such as Tranquil Teal and X-Factor Funky Flamingo. And because I'm obsessed with Chez Larsson (my desk is white, as is my laptop and I just bought a 1920s shelf in white - all since reading her blog), I'll be using Winking White to cover up any spots or blemishes around the house (I think I'll tape down some of our glut of wiring down with it) as well as labeling boxes and doing nifty crafting projects around the house like Benita does.

For mailing packages to my beloveds around the world, trimming notebooks and adding visual interest to furniture around the house, I'll be using Totally Tie-Dye, Zig-Zag Zebra and a new addition called Splatter!

And I am so excited about Duck Brand's Duck Tape Sheets - I've never seen anything like this before! You can buy them in Single Sheets or Multi Packs. Can you imagine lining your drawers with these or pressing them onto the front of your bathroom cabinets? The possibilites are endless!

Not only can you repair items with these strong and sturdy tapes, you can tear off what you need by hand and even adhere it to uneven surfaces.

Thank goodness for Duck Brand Tapes and Sheets - my holiday wrapping, decorating and packing just got a whole lot easier.

Stephanie Dickison

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