Make Up For Ever's Green Colour Flash is Hot Off the Runway

A lot of attention is paid to the clothing during fashion shows, but I'm here to let you in on the hottest looks off international runways in makeup.

At the forefront of it all? Make Up For Ever.

This amazing cosmetics line has created a range of stunning emerald green shadows, liners, powders and mascara to help you replicate the looks that rocked the runways of New York, Milan and Paris. The great thing about emerald? It goes with every eye colour and skintone!

Let's take a closer look at Make Up For Ever's Green Colour Flash:

- Aqua Cream # 22 (pictured above) looks like crushed emeralds with a hint of gold. You can do a smokey eye with this or just sweep it across your lids for a truly dramatic, sexy look. I like creams because they go on so quickly and easily (read: even dolts like me can manage them). And because Make Up For Ever creates incredible high-quality formulas with rich pigments, you look runway-ready in just a few seconds!

-  If you're more of a shadow girl, you're going to leap outta your seat for Eye Shadow # 80, a gorgeous forest green shadow that looks - and feels - like suede and Diamond Shadow # 310 that will have you feeling like part Bond Girl, part Supermodel with its deep texture and colour!

- Emilio Pucci's Fall 2011 show in Milan featured  girls with emerald-lined eyes and it works off the runway too. Only because Make Up For Ever's NEW Aqua Liner (#3) is made to go on like a dream. This waterproof liquid liner is rich in colour and you can choose whether you want it in matte, iridescent or diamond finish. I love the shimmy and shake in the iridescent #3 and the green is such an unexpected delight compared to my usually black-lined eyes (I've been doing black since high-school!). The other amazing quality is that it comes off in one fell swoop. So you get to look like a million bucks without having to spend all night scrubbing it off - sweet!

- One of the best things you can do to bring excitement to your usual look is to apply the New Smoky Lash #4. The ultra-fine mineral pigments give your eyes this depth and smokiness that can't be attained any other way. The ultra wide brush with short bristles is phenomenal - you won't believe the coverage it delivers, without any annoying clumps! You won't want to go back to brown or black after trying this mascara.

Of course, this is a microscopic representation of the entire Make Up For Ever line.  But I urge you to give these emeralds a try. Nothing looks so modern and fresh.  

It's entirely changed the way I look. And that's all I've ever wanted from my makeup.

Stephanie Dickison

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