Dymo's CardScan Revolutionizes Your Home & Work Space!

The last thing anyone needs for the holidays is another trinket or gag gift that they'll never use.

Instead, why not help people declutter by getting them the amazing Dymo CardScan Personal?

I had books and books and tiny, teetering piles of business cards everywhere. I tried to organize them and keep them from getting out of control, but really - there is no such thing when it comes to business cards.

Until the Dymo CardScan Personal came along.

It is one of the best tools I've ever used and one with the most impact - in only 20 minutes I went through DECADES of business cards! DECADES! And now I have a ton more room too!

Here's how it works:

This amazing little scanner (it's the size of my hand) whips your business cards through - in batches even - and captures all of the data without a stitch of typing. It automatically sorts them into a database for you (you can also have it sync with Outlook and other programs), so you can look up contact via their name, number, website, email, etc.

And because it scans them like a photocopy, even my handwritten notes on the cards got picked up. I've never seen anything like it. That fact that you don't have to type in anything - unless you want to? It's the best home and business tool and it's so easy to set up: you put in the disc, join the scanner via USB and you can start using it right away.

It is such a time and space saver, that I am recommending that if you have a bunch of business cards at all, you get yourself this bundle of joy.

You can even travel with it, thanks to the awesome pouch that holds the scanner on one side and the USB on the other. It's so small and portable that you can keep it at the office and bring it home when you need to. Just imagine going to the next show where you come home with 700 business cards - now all you have to do is pop 'em in the scanner and you've got all your new contacts not only recorded, but organized.

Finally you can give the gift of time and space with the The CardScan Personal and get your Christmas shopping finished early this year. 

You can buy The CardScan Personal at office supplies stores such as Staples, Grand & Toy and  Basics.

p.s. I use to dread being handed business cards because of the clutter. Now I can't wait to get them!

Stephanie Dickison

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