Special Technology Report: Samsung's Got It All - TVs, Phones, Computers and More!

Last Thursday, Samsung and Future Shop decked out the Penthouse Suite (rumoured to be where Brad Pitt stayed during TIFF, with handsome friend George Clooney just down the hall) at the New Ritz Carlton Hotel on Wellington.

And I was invited.

What impressed me the most - other than the drop dead gorgeous suite (the tub alone was stunning) - that Samsung’s 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas Event included so many items, many of which I didn't know Samsung made - TVs, laptops, mobile devices, home appliances, cameras and even vacuums!

I started off in the bedroom with the lovely French Jean-Pierre, where he showed me the most amazing TV I've ever seen. The Samsung 55" LED 8000 Series (pictured at top) does everything - thanks to being the first manufacturer to have the widest array of apps for TVs, you can do everything with your TV - you can browse the web, Skype, play games, buy a movie online or watch something on YouTube, FB, tweet and Google Talk.

With a spectacular 2-sided remote control, outfitted with a QWERTY keyboard, you don't have to leave the couch to do work, check your Google calendar and keep up with what your friends are doing. Picture in picture allows you to watch your show while your husband watches the game.

Jean-Pierre shows me how he's able to use his Samsung Galaxy S2 phone to control the TV, play his video of 30 Rock, show me his pictures from Montreal, and connects with other devices around the room, like the TV in the living room or the computer on the other side of the bedroom. It's incredible!

Then I go off to the office where the awesome 27" Wireless Central Station Monitor awaits me.

I love it for many reasons. It has a USB hub with 4 USB ports built right into the base, so you can use wireless accessories and not worry about the clutter of cords. But even better than that is the Auto Wireless Detection feature.

Let's say you're working at your desk and you need to get going to a meeting. You pick up your gorgeous Samsung Series 9 Notebook and your primary desktop shifts to the laptop automatically, while your Central Station Monitor goes to sleep. No wires, no plugging and unplugging. Ahh, this is the life!  It's ultra thin, the lightest Windows-operated laptop (like a feather!) with 4 gigs of ram, 7 hours of battery life (take that, Apple!) and a matte finish on the screen which practically ends your issues with glare forever.


You have got to check Samsung out. These are some of the most forward-thinking products I've seen. And they're available at places like Future Shop, so you don't have to go off and make a special trip to a specialty store.

p.s. On Friday night, my Blackberry died its final death. So on Saturday morning I had to get a new phone. I had planned on getting another BB, but after what I'd seen Jean-Pierre do on his phone, I was convinced that this is where things are going. So I bought the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G (pictured below). It is as mindblowingly amazing as the products I saw in the suite. I'm a Samsung girl from here on out!

Stephanie Dickison

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