Slather Brand Sauces - Keep the 'Cue Going All Autumn Long

Just because it's cooling down doesn't mean you can't still barbeque and grill outside. But you're going to need to kick it up a notch. After all, a summer full of delicate fish and grilled chicken for salads is fine when it's hot out, but you're going to want something a little heartier, a little more decadent than that.

That's why I'm using Slather Brand Sauces. There's Original and Spicy to choose from and I promise you, you won't get tired of them. Just look at all you can do with them.

Founder Robin Rhea has created delicious sauces using "all-natural unprocessed ingredients, minus any high fructose corn syrup, gluten or fat." Finally, sticky, sweet and hot sauces that use wholesome ingredients suchs as honey, pineapple, tomatoes, crushed red pepper and spices, instead of what's in those cheap brand name bottles at the supermarket. 

I marinated steaks with mine and added them to pork sandwiches (drool), but you can use them on rice, vegetables and tempeh burgers too.
Find out where to get Slatherin' Sauces near you or shop online and have meals that not only taste good, but that are good for you.


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