Not Just For Kids: Lunchskins Make Lunch Oh So Pretty!

I know it's back-to-school and that I could tell you how great Lunchskins would be for your kids, but I'm here to tell you that I'm using them as a way of prettifying lunch.

See, I know that breakfast and lunch are important meals of the day, but I always find myself less excited about the options than for dinner, so I have to do something to make it seem more exciting than it is. That's where Lunchskins come in.

I know that Lunchskins are a better solution environmentally than plastic bags and that they are durable, washable and made with food-safe European fabrics. But why I love them so is that they take office lunch time up a notch and make ordinary, everyday sandwich or vegetable sticks so much more enticing.

The European fabrics are very Scandinavian to me, which as you know, has become the look and lifestyle I'm going for here at home. And while I'm not one to go for prints very often, these are so joyful and colourful, they brighten up your space and mood. They come in 3 sizes - snack, sandwich and sub bags - and a ton of amazing colours and patterns.

I'm lunching it up with a sweet Polka Dot Snack Bag and a Fruit Series Slices Sandwich Bag. They are so beautiful that now I can't imagine lunch without them.

Here's the thing I've realized - I'm coming up on a big birthday next month and life's too short not to be surrounded with things that make you feel good. I'm changing everything in my house and my life so that almost everything I use is pretty as well as functional. Lunchskins fit right in.

Shop Lunchskins and get some for the kids, but be sure to get some for yourself too. After all, you absolutely deserve some pretty in your day.

p.s. they also work as fantastic makeup bags too...

Stephanie Dickison

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