ButtonedUp's 2012 Weekly.Agenda Will Get You Organized Once & For All

September's already half over and everything's busy and piling up. Before you know it, it'll be Halloween and then Christmas and then the new year will arrive and you'll wonder where the time went!

Don't be caught off guard and wait to buy your 2012 agenda. Here's what will happen - you'll buy one at the last minute. The selection will suck and you'll get something that doesn't work for you, so you won't use it and you'll be as disorganized as always.

Instead, take a quick second now and get yourself the amazing 2012 Weekly.Agenda from ButtonedUp and start using it right now and by the new year, you'll be all set to take on the next 12 months!

There is so much to love with this little agenda:

- You get four bonus months, so you can start using it now and not have to worry about spending the holidays switching over your calendars for the new year!

- Each week displays on 2 pages - on the left a huge place to write what you must do and who you must contact. On the left, the week's laid out with a small space to write your appointments and commitments. What's nice about keeping these two things separate is that it's always clear what your to-dos are and what your appointments are. This alone with save you so much time and energy, you'll wonder how you got this far without it.

- There are monthly calendars as well, each displayed on 2 pages so that you can see the whole month's overview quickly and book in doctor's appointments, etc., with ease.

- Each month is colour coded and with perforated corners, you can always jump back and forth throughout the year with ease. Which is just what you need when you're on the phone, watching that the soup on the stove doesn't boil over and folding laundry all while on hold with the cable company to arrange a visit.

- There are 2 pocket folders on the inside front and back covers, so you can keep your receipts, dry cleaning slips, coupons and whatever else you need organized without having to stuff your wallet anymore. A pen loop also ensures that you always have a pen on hand (because we both know that you could dig through your purse for 10 minutes and still not find it in there with all you've got going on in there. Is that a tic tac covered in lint?)

- At the back, there are perforated shopping and errand lists, a notes section and a place to list "special days" so that you'll never be one of the people who have to send a "Sorry I Missed Your Birthday" card again. Here, you can actually manage everything in your life all in one place. I'm calling my 2012 Weekly.Agenda my "personal assistant." Feel free to use that. I think you'll find it's most fitting.

- It's small and portable, but with enough room to write down all that you've got to do. And it's damn pretty too (that is as important as anything else, if you ask me) with it's durable blue metallic cover. The enclosure flap keeps your pages from getting scrunched in your bag (see bag tirade above), so that you'll always look smooth and put together, even if you don't necessarily feel like it.

- There's a section about using your planner and how to get more organized in life. In those tough moments, I'm telling you, it helps to be reminded of these things.

- It's less than $20. It doesn't get much better than that.

So, go. Get yourself a 2012 Weekly.Agenda right now.  It will be your saving grace, your life support and your everything. 

Full Disclosure: I used to write for the ButtonedUp website. I have been using their products for years and really believe in them. That's why I started writing for them. I just thought you should know.

Stephanie Dickison

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