Bizou Has the Best Back-to-School/Fall Accessories!

I first discovered Bizou last April and I've been talking about them ever since.

Whenever I wear anything from them, I get compliments and asked about where I got it. They manage to create the ultimate on-trend items without making them look cheap like those mall chains. 

Just a few weeks ago Toronto got its very own store (pictured above) for us fashionistas on a budget to get up-to-date jewelry and accessories. But for those of you outside of the T-dot, you can still get your fix online.

I am all about the Utility Military trend that Bizou's featuring this season. Let me show you what I'm drooling over right now:

- Watches go out of fashion quickly, but they are a ton of money. Not here, though! You can shop a ton of amazing styles and still have enough to go out for sushi afterwards. I am rockin' the Boyfriend Watch (pictured at top) which I haven't swapped out for any of my others, because I just love the gleam of gold and that it's big enough that it just takes a quick glance to see the actual time. I really love statement jewelry and nothing is more of a statement than this beauty.  And all for under $26!

- Scarves are a great way to rock the current trends and I've got one in the most fantastic army-green/griege with lightly printed black skulls. It is edgy without being too punk or ska. In fact, I think my Mom would look great in it too! It's finished with a slight fringe and is the perfect weight for this time of year - not too thick or thin, just right.

Of course, there is much, much more to get and I think that once you see the amazing pieces, you'll be as hooked on Bizou as I am.

Shop the entire collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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