KonaRed - Get Your Antioxidants & Superfruit All In One Delicious Drink!

There are many times throughout the day where I could use a pick-me-up. But I don't want to be relying on caffeine and sugar to perk me up.

That's why I am smitten with KonaRed, a Hawaiian Superfruit Antioxidant Juice. It's made from the fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea arabica. Grown in Hawaii, these fruits "surround and protects the seed (or bean) and is removed, dried and condensed into a liquid that we blend with other delicious fruits to create this amazing beverage".

This 100% natural drink contains KonaRed coffee fruit extract, pineapple and apple juice from concentrate, vitamin E and stevia leaf extract to mention just a few ingredients.

It's syrupy consistency and dark, plummy taste with a slight finish of coffee is a wonderful elixir that gives me energy without harmful ingredients or effects. You drink it chilled, so it's a wonderful way to revive yourself midday.

I feel fantastic after consuming only half a bottle and like I can run a marathon or stay up all night rearranging the house if I have the entire thing.

I am trying to eat and drink as many all-natural things as I can. I want to put good things into my body and I'm here to tell you that KonaRed is all good!**

**it's also just 260 calories a bottle.

Stephanie Dickison

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