Give Your Kitchen A Fun, Kitschy Makeover with Talisman Designs

I’ve decided to only have nice items that make me happy in my home.

I know that seems pretty obvious, but as the years go on, you can end up with a lot of gifts, hand-me-downs and purchases that were made at a certain time for a reason, but perhaps they don’t fit into your life anymore.

So I’ve been decluttering the house like mad and only keeping what really truly matters.

That left me without a few things in the kitchen. And because I’m in there cooking up a storm at every opportunity, I want to be surrounded by things that make me joyful and look good.

I found everything I need at Talisman Designs.

To have something pretty on the breakfast bar and to have a place to set a hot dish out of the oven, I selected the Hot Dish Hot Pad and Trivet in sunny Lime Green (that ought to perk up the place!). This multi-purpose silicone mat can also be used as a spoon rest or jar opener, is heat resistant to 480°F and dishwasher safe.

The coolest utensils I’ve ever seen are the Get Real Solid Beechwood 2 pc. Salad Servers and Mixing Spoon (pictured above). Made from a responsibly managed forest, these handcrafted beauties bring the raw emotion of Roy Lichtenstein paintings to life. The etched designs won’t fade with time (thanks to a natural oil finish), so don’t be afraid to use them. Just be sure to handwash them to help preserve them. And go ahead and use them with your non-stick pans – these won’t leave a scratch. You’ll love how comfortable they are to use and hold onto. As it says on the packaging, their “Good looking and hardworking too!”

And to keep my homemade pies from being a bust, I am grateful for the Hot Dish Adjustable Pie Shield. This one-piece red silicone protector fits 8, 9 and 10 inch pies and it keeps the edge of your crust from burning or browning too much – a problem I’ve experienced with every pie I’ve made. You simply adjust the pie shield around the crust and lock. Bake with the Shield (it’s heat resistant to 500 °F) on until the pie is done and you’ll see a completely even crust. And whether you take complete credit for your beautiful pie is up to you. I won’t tell.

There are many more amazing kitchen and entertaining products to be had at Talisman. Have a look around and spruce up your joint.

I did and it’s made a world of difference.

Stephanie Dickison

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