Give Your Home A Fresh, Fun Look with Voila! Stickers

One of my favourite new ways to decorate is wall decals. They can be taken off or removed when you get tired of them or want to repaint and they are an inexpensive way to display your love of art or add a pit of pinache to a corner of the room.

I am completely head over heels for Voila! Stickers as they have some of the most fascinating, cutting edge designs as well as some of the most fun-loving dreamscapes I've ever seen. How can you resist Mouse House, Parisian Street Furniture and their entire Cult collection? Absolutely breathtaking.

And continuing with their stellar eye for talent, Hu2 Design is the newest bold collection of unique decals that will have you taking your space - home and the office - to new heights!

These fresh and innovative designs are made by Voila! Stickers Montreal artisans, who actually prepare and craft each sticker - individually by hand. I've never seen that before. In fact, now that I think of it, they're almost always mass marketed. These are not only handcrafted but beautifully conceived. And all of their decal stickers, and packaging, are made in Canada.

These vinyl stickers can be used indoors and outdoors and will stick to any clean and smooth surface - I've got some of ours on the side of the fridge. They'll hold for 5 years inside, 3 outside and are washable. These are the only wall decals I've ever seen that come with a squeegee, so that it goes on smoothly without any air bubbles.

The only hard part is trying to choose what to get. I've got a serious crush on the 80's Tape (it shows my age, but I don't care!) and how inspiring would it be surrounding yourself by the Inventions Timeline?  Ooh, coming home and leaving for work takes on a whole new meaning with these extraordinary Door Signs.

But one of the designs that never fails to make me smile and giggle is Flying Pigs. I want them in each and every room! They are whimsical and fun, something we could use a lot more of in our lives, don't you think? Which one is your favourite - the one in the cape, the one with the wings or the rocket launcher?

Be sure to look through the entire Hu2 Design Collection and give your space new life.

And maybe a few cute piglets too..

Stephanie Dickison

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