Look Great Between Haircuts with Bango!

Denise, my wonderful hairdresser, has always said that I can come in and she'll trim my bangs for free.

But she is one helluva busy lady and I don't like to bother her for such a little thing, so I've been trimming them myself for years. Badly. Really badly. I mean, it looks like an 8-year-old went at them.

So when I discovered Bango, I knew it was something that would come in awfully handy every 4-6 weeks!

What's truly amazing is that I can achieve a number of different looks, all with this all-in-one hair-cutting tool. I can rock a Blunt Bang, Textured Bang or Side Bang. I can also cut a Friend or Child's Bangs cut my fella's Short Hair and Bangs and even trim my Top Layers and Split Ends.

I get a professional looking trim in just a few seconds, without having to spend time at the salon. I love the convenience of it and it's so easy to use:

- Just clip your hair back with the 2 black clips provided, leaving your bangs out in front.
- Use the comb in your Bango Kit to comb out your bangs.
- Then slide the pink Bango clip to where you want to trim, follow along the serrated edge (straight across for blunt bangs, and angled against the pointed edge for textured ones) and snip away!

Stephanie Dickison

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