OPI Gets Me Slick For Summer With Lemon Tonic & Serena Williams

Are your hands and feet in need of serious help but you don't have the time, money or energy for the salon?

I've got the perfect at-home treatment that it super affordable and easy to to. Just follow these steps:

1. Start with Manicure Pedicure by OPI Lemon Tonic Scrub. The natural sugar crystals gently, but effectively work away at your dry skin, calluses and other nasty bits (no judgement here, you should see my heels...).

2. Next, envelop your hands and feet in Lemon Tonic Mask. Just 5 minutes is needed to make a difference. The shea butter, botanical and citrus extracts work away to leave your skin oh-so-soft and smooth.

3. Finish with Lemon Tonic Massage. The emollients sink into your skin for a long-lasting velvety soft look and feel. 

And while you're enjoying how pretty your hands and feet look and feel, you'll also be taking in the amazing lemon cupcake scent. Which, let's face it, the spa never has, so I'd say you're already ahead, not to mention with money and time to spare - woo woo!

So now let's talk colour.

OPI has unveiled 3 new shades from Serena Williams’ Glam Slam! Series. These awesome duo-packs are filled with sparkle. Serena is a serious nail lover and word has it that she is now a licensed nail technician, so you know that these weren't just thrown together for a press junket. These are her colours.

The first Lacquer set includes Your Royal Shine-ness, a metallic silver shade that looks like liquid metal, paired with Servin’ Up Sparkle, a shimmer-packed silver glitter that pops with purple, green and pink highlights. 

The second Lacquer set also features Servin’ Up Sparkle, along with Grape…Set…Match, a juicy, decadent metallic purple that will convert those who don't normally rock the shade.

“For stand-out nails, I love experimenting with different glitter shades,” explains Serena Williams. “The new Glam Slam! England lacquers can be worn alone for a bright pop of color, or layered with Servin’ Up Sparkle to create a textured effect.”
New shades in the collection are being introduced later in  the year. For now, Glam Slam! England will be available beginning June 2011 at Professional Salons and Spas.

Who needs a salon when you've got OPI in hand?

Stephanie Dickison

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