The New Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Bottle - The Only Bottle You Need

It's sweltering out. I bet you're drinking tons of water.

Are you still buying bottled water? Sure, that $1 or $2 might not seem like much when you purchase just the one, but think about how many you've bought this week. That's a trip to the movies!

I'm guilty of buying bottled water too. Often tap water doesn't taste fresh or clean to me, even though I know it's just fine.

The best solution I've found is the New Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Bottle.

It has a filter right in it, so you can use plain old tap water. The filter gets rid of chlorine, making it fresh and tasty, as well as saving you tons of money and saving the environment from all those disposable plastic bottles.

Each filter provides the equivalent of 300 bottles of water, so you really get your money's worth and don't have to worry about changing the filter every few days like many on the market.

I love that it holds 600ml (20 oz.) of water! It's more than the regular bottles you buy, but not so much that it weighs you down.

The bottle is BPA-free and can accommodate all kinds of ice cubes. The screw tight lid is leak-proof, so whether you're commuting by subway, car or mountain range, your water stays in the bottle. And there is a nice sized twist on cap that allows you to drink and hydrate comfortably (I don't know how people drink from those wide-mouth ones without it dribbling all down their front).

This is my new favourite travel companion as it fits in cup holders (hallelujah!) and has a fun finger loop that makes it easy to carry, even if your hands are full (and when aren't they?)

I stopped buying bottled water, thanks to the New Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Bottle. I've already saved a ton of time (no need to search out a store for water anymore), money (it's safely stashed in my wallet ) and the environment (no recycling anymore bottles).

What seems like a teeny switch actually makes a helluva difference.

Make the change too! Get the whole family/office/posse  New Rubbermaid Filter Fresh Water Bottles.

Stephanie Dickison

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