Leave a Small Footprint with Pur Footwear

I am always on the hunt for an amazing pair of shoes.

Ones that not only look great, but feel good too (my feet are my car, after all). And to be able to find all that with the bonus of being ecologically sound seems too good to be true.

But I found it all with PUR Footwear. Their philosophy is simple:

"Put into a shoe only what needs to be there. Keep the materials as earth friendly as possible. Impact our planet as little as we can."

But they left out that they're Canadian (woo woo!), their thoughtful designs and the huge comfort factor. And that they make shoes for both men and women.

Each shoe is made with only 5 simple ingredients:

- vegetable-tanned low-impact leathers
- recycled board
- natural crepe rubber soles
- latex rubber foam cushioning and thread

And not only does PUR pledge "to use only materials that have limited environmental impact, using renewable resources or recycled materials wherever possible and donating 1% of its revenues to environmental charities."

This summer, I'm rockin' Provence in azalea (pictured above), a sweet espadrille-style flat that works with everything from skinny jeans to capris to dresses. Available in 4 warm colours - worn born, driftwood, azalea and capulet - they'll accentuate whatever the outfit!

I love that I can go for long walks and still be stylish and comfortable. I also really appreciate that my feet breathe in the material, because with the insane high temperatures this season, I don't want to risk sweaty feet on top of it all.

But the best part may be that you don't have to spend the time - and pain - breaking them in. Because they're so soft and sensual against your skin, there's no room for blisters or cuts, rubs or scrapes. Finally a season of unharmed feet!

These l'il beauties are going to be the most used item in your wardrobe this season. You just watch.

Stephanie Dickison

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