Intuition Does More Than Liven Up Your Water

I am trying really, really hard to drink more water because I know it is important to stay hydrated and and replenish my system.

I find it difficult though because it is so plain and unexciting.

One of the best ways I've discovered to revitalize not only my container of water, but my body, is with Intuition.

This amazing new line of prevenative drink products adds flavour AND ingredients that enhance your life in various ways. A tube containing juice concentrates, natural flavours and medicinal herbs makes it easy to add to your water bottle. It won't clot like powders and the flavours are discernable, but not overpowering. You can also add it your water, wherever you happen to be - at home, the office, on the go - making it a convenient and flavourful way to drink throughout the day. Oh, and it's affordable too.

This naturally produced product of Canada includes ingredients from naturally grown plants and vegetation.

My Vitality is wild strawberry flavoured with a hearty kick of spice. This caffeine-free concentrates includes ginko biloba, Asian ginseng and other energy boosting herbs that will help you get throughout the day without feeling sluggish. You can safely use and drink up to 6 tubes a day - you can't say that about those expensive sugary energy drinks, can you? And feel free to turn it up a little, by making The Vitality Daiquiri! Drinks before dinner just got a little more exciting...

I really like Vitality My Waistline. This refreshing lemongrass lemonade stimulates your metabolism while supressing your appetite using natural ingredients such as yerba mate and dandelion root. You can have up to 4 tubes a day and since it's so tasty (thanks to Michelle Hunt, co-founder of The Martini Club International Inc. for creating such exciting flavour profiles) you probably will.

There are new flavours just about to be released (sooo good) so be sure to check back often for new products.

Stephanie Dickison

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