I'm in Love with Gilah Press + Design Greeting Cards

You know when you find that perfect card and you think, why can't there just be a line of greeting cards that are this sweet/fun/smart/imaginative?

Ahh yes, let me introduce you to my new favourite peeps -  Gilah Press + Design.

Gilah Press + Design is a boutique letterpress and design studio, who describe themselves in the following way:

"Some say we’re obsessed. We prefer to think of ourselves as nit-picky perfectionists with incredibly high standards. Either way, we’re confident you’ll be happy with the outcome.

We’re disciplined graphic designers. We’re also masters of the centuries-old form of letterpress printing. We have five hand-fed platen letterpresses perfect for printing limited color, small run items."

One thing they fail to mention however, is that their Greeting Cards R-O-C-K! Each and every one of 'em. The quality and weight of the paper (mmm), combined with incredibly inventive designs make them the perfect choice for whatever the occasion:

The City Love Collection, printed with black ink and paired with a cement-coloured envelope, gives a pretty shout out to your city of choice.

- If you're a shoe addict, or know one, Sweet Kicks are perfect. Printed with overlapping inks and accompanied by a gray envelope, these long, rectangular cards will no doubt delight the recipient as much as they do you.

- For the music lover, Music Notes say it all in just a few holiday-themed words. They are printed on with fluorescent inks on snowflake-textured paper and each comes with a fuchsia colored envelope. A modern choice with a reverential nod to the past. Nice.

- Sweet Ride has that 'ye old' look with a hit of contemporary design and colour. Overlapping inks with a cement-coloured envelope means it won't stay long in your stationery drawer (you do have one, don't you?).

- If you want to show how much you care, the I Love You More Collection (pictured above) really does say it all. And way better than you could. The fluorescent ink make 'em pop while the white envelope allows the card all the attention it deserves.

- Being a social media specialist and teaching and writing about twitter, I was charmed and captivated by the Smoking Hash Tags. To send a hashtag tweet in blue ink (like the real thing) in a smart gravel-coloured envelope by post? So brilliant, it deserves some sort of award. More like 10.

- But it's the You and Me Collection that got me the most. The combination of food ingredients paired with the sentiment of belonging together is so awesome and sweet all at once, it's almost too much to take. When my fella went to LA for a big meeting a few weeks ago, I slipped the Chips & Salsa card in white envelope in his suitcase, which went unnoticed until Day 2 of his trip (apparently not everyone unpacks as soon as they arrive at the hotel....). But I think it got him too.

If you're going to get a card, get a Gilah Press + Design one.

p.s. all collections are printed on 100% cotton paper.

Stephanie Dickison

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