Get Organized with Scribble on Everything's Incredible Chalkboard Weekly Calendar Decal

I bet you're thinking that you could totally get organized for once and for all, if only you could find a system that not only allows you to customize it to your needs but is big enough to go on the wall.

Because you've got some big ass ideas and nowhere right now to put 'em!

Enter the most fabulous chalkboard of the decade - Scribble on Everything's Chalkboard Weekly Calendar Decal.

It is the most fabulous for so many reasons, including:

- The blocks (8, 12x13.5" chalkboard decals and 8, 12x3" diecut days of week chalkboard decals) are so big that when I unfurled them all on a sheet, I held it from ceiling to floor and it was longer than my walls (and I have fairly high ceilings, so you can just imagine that these are really something). This is really worth noting because sometimes you just need a really big space to allow your mind to open up and this is one of the only calendars that I've seen that really does hold everything that you could possible need to put in there (Octomom, I'm talking to you).

- The other amazing feature besides their ginormous size is that you can put 'em exactly where you want 'em. This is truly a genius feature because not everyone works Sun-Sat. Some people like the week to start on Monday. And who says that they all have to be in one row, starting left to right? Put your calendar blocks where it makes sense for you. If that means all around your armoire and sewing machine, then hells yes, that's where it shall go.

- The decals are made from matte vinyl, which doesn't leave a permanent mark or residue and yet they work like a real blackboard.  And it was made for us modern folks - clean the dustless chalk (you get a twelve pack included with your decals) off with a damp cloth - no mess like the primary school classroom you remember. Thank goodness!

There is no excuse not to be organized thanks to Scribble on Everything's Chalkboard Weekly Calendar Decal.

They have other really cool stuff too - check it out!

Stephanie Dickison

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