Vermont Soap Organics Deep Cleans Without Toxic Chemicals

I am trying to rid our house of chemicals and go all natural wherever possible.

One of the first places I hit was underneath the skin where I store my house cleaners. A clean house is very important to me, but now that we have the option of cleaners that use natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals, I want to replace everything under there.

The problem is, some natural cleaners just don't do the job well enough.

So I'm always on the lookout for something that doesn't just smell good or makes my appliances look good, but really gets in there and cleans.

Vermont Soap Organics produces "USDA Approved, Certified Organic alternatives to the chemical and detergent based personal care products now in general use," and their Farm & Ranch Multi-Surface Cleaner stands up to my vigourous testing.

I like that it works on everything in the bathroom and kitchen, it brings out a shine on the taps as well as the porcelain and countertops. I feel good knowing that its free of artificial preservatives, colours, fragrances alcohol and detergents too.

Not only that, it smells good. Using saponified  organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, organic orange oil, tea tree and other natural essential oils, organic aloe and rosemary extract, you get that fresh, clean aroma without inhaling anything harmful.

But don't feel you can only use it on your room's surfaces - it works on all washable materials including wood, plastics, leather, cloth, people, pets, car interiors and much more (just be sure to test a small area prior to use).

So instead of having 5 bottles under the sink, have just the one. The good one.

Stephanie Dickison

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