Hershey's Drops Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

Doesn't it seem like Easter was forever ago?

You got your chocolate fill then, but now the craving is back - big time. The problem is, it's shorts weather, so you can't binge like you used to.

That's where Hershey's comes in.

Instead of mowing down on an entire chocolate bar, you can satiate your sweet tooth with New Hershey's Drops

Because there is no candy shell, there's no mess. Which means you can nibble on them while you're working away at your desk and not have to worry about getting chocolate everywhere for once. The other bonus is that because they are small, you can have as many - or as little - as you like.

Hershey's Drops are available in two flavours - Milk Chocolate and Cookies 'n' Crème.  And with Cookies 'n' Crème coming in at only 200 calories for 14, and Milk Chocolate totaling 210 for 15, you can snack and share these l'il cuties and not feel that you need another sweet all day long.

Much like Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Drops make it possible to have chocolate and be able to fit into your tankini!

Go ahead and get your chocolate on.

Stephanie Dickison

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