Make the Switch to All-Natural, Handcrafted Soap It Up Gourmet Soaps by Di

Recently, I realized that I had been buying some household, everyday products from the grocery or drugstore just because that's what I'd always done. But it would cost me less and be better for me and the earth if I bought natural products, so for the last few months, I've made the switch and I'm not going back!

For instance, instead of buying bars of chemical-ridden soap at the drugstore, I now look for natural ingredients and handcrafted by real folks, not machines.

- are handcrafted and homemade
- are made of all natural ingredients
- are skin-safe
- are hypo-allergenic
- smell delicious
- look beautiful
- feel amazing (soft, moisturized skin is yours again!)
- are available for both men and women
- are insanely affordable!

I tried Beautiful, a perfume-scented glycerin soap made with palm and coconut oils.  Di came up with the perfect name, as it's the first word that comes to mind when you inhale the light, joyous scent. Also, the bar itself looks beautiful. The colour is like pink lemonade and really, what could be happier and more beautiful than that? This is one you'll buy over and over because it's absolutely perfect.

And Cherry Almond, a creamy goat's milk soap, is simply divine. It feels like you're bathing with moisturizer in one hand and a delectable pastry in the other. Now why would you want to buy drugstore soap when you can have this?

Shop the entire Soap It Up Collection and get gorgeous handmade soap that's good for you and will make you feel and smell good all day long!

Stephanie Dickison

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