Live in Complete & Utter Comfort with Pajama Jeans

Look, as much as I like to wear towering heels and skinny jeans, as I get older, comfort does come into play more often than not.

And I'm more active than ever. Though I'm not dancing at clubs until 3 a.m. anymore, I am rushing to meetings, running errands and generally trying to keep up with the speed of life.

That's why I am forever grateful for having found Pajama Jeans.

I have never been a jeans gal, only because I have a wonky body that makes it hard to get a comfortable fit. I've been trying to find a comfortable pair since my teens and while I do own a couple of pairs, I almost never wear them because they just aren't enjoyable to wear.

Now with Pajama Jeans, I get the look of dark-washed jeans with the feel of being in a pair of PJs!

The stretchy denim fabric - Dormisoft - is a blend of cotton and spandex, so you get a great look without sacrificing a comfy feel.  

Other than the immense comfort factor, I love that you can't tell their not just a regular pair of jeans. With their front and back pockets, brass rivets and contrast-stitched fly area, you'd never know they're pull-on with a hot-pink drawstring on the inside! There are no zippers or buttons to fiddle with, so you can just pull them on and go.

Because really - do you have time to lie down and squish yourself into another pair of jeans?

And the tailored boot cut style makes sure you always look good and that you can wear them with a variety of shoes and boots.

It is such a luxury to look at the sizing chart and pick out a pair of jeans that will actually fit. When my pair arrived, I was thrilled that they fit around my waist and bum as well as the length of my legs. No tailoring required!

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair now.

It's time you lived life in complete comfort, don't you think?

Stephanie Dickison

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