It's Easy to Look Good This Season, Thanks to Skinny Dips!

Thank goodness the weather is warming up. Do you feel your palate changing? A couple of weeks ago I was still craving stews and chilis, but these days, I'm thinking grilled chicken, big salads and dips.

Skinny Dips: 60 Recipes for Dips, Spreads, Chips, and Salsas on the Lighter Side of Delicious by Diane Morgan is perfect for this time of year. Diane gives us full-bodied, vibrantly-tasting dips that also happen to be low calorie. And she doesn't do it with substitutions or sweeteners, thankfully. It's all made with whole, natural ingredients.

So whether you're making dips for a summer pool party, to take to someone's potluck dinner or want to make a light lunch, dinner or snack to enjoy at home, these recipes will definitely wow the crowd.

There are so many kinds of dips, you'll never run out of ideas for party snack again! Choose from Vegetable and Herb, Salsas, Guacamoles and Tapenades, Cheese and Tofu , Bean and Legume, Meat and Seafood and Crudites and Other Skinny Dippers

Friends and neighbours will be begging for the secret to your dips, such as Butternut Squah Bharit, Svelte Green Goddess Dip, Pomegranate, Orange & Avocado Salsa, Microbrew Cheddar Cheese Spread, Curry Pumpkin Hummus and Thai-Style Spicy Pork Dip!

To help keep you fitting into your summer dresses and capris, Diane's listed the calories of each recipe, as well as how big the recipe is, making it super easy to double or triple the amounts, depending on the size of your crowd. A Healthful Ingredient Glossary helps you with unfamiliar ingredients and recommendations. A section on Tips and Techniques helps guide you through the process of handling and cutting fresh chilies, roasting garlic, zesting citrus and other tasks that will make your dips stand out.

I am so grateful to have found this little gem. It's like having a party planning committee and restaurant menu options permanently at your side!

Stephanie Dickison

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