Get Glam in an Instant with Angelo David Salon Hair Care

Just because you don't live in NYC doesn't mean you can't  have the customized, stylized look that you'd get in person at the Angelo David Salon.

Thankfully, Angelo David, hair specialist to the stars  - Caridee English (America’s Next Top Model), Elsa Benitez (model) , Irina Shayk (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model) and 3 of the Real Housewives of New York City - has created an exclusive collection of hair care and styling products that is "specifically formulated to keep hair healthy, shiny and manageable."

I am completely addicted to Long & Strong Detangler. It's actually a leave-in conditioner and heat protector as well as a detangler.  My fine white blond hair that starts out as a wet hot mess suddenly becomes smooth and sleek and I can actually get a brush through it, despite the knots and tangles that seemed to be a permanent fixture of my bleached, coloured, ravaged locks.  And there is more to it, too - It strengthens your hair, protects it from the sun, styling tools and colour fading, increases flexibility and elasticity, adds shine and uses natural ingredients, aloe, green tea and horsetail extract. See why I can't live without it?

And to keep my hair soft and manageable, I go to Angelo David's Vital Complex Leave-In Conditioner. It also adds body and shine. It's not very often that you see a leave-in conditioner that's a fine spray - it's great because your hair is protected without feeling weighed down.

I've never used anything like Zero Frizz Control before. It's incredibly fast-drying hair cream that gives me that smooth, sleek look that usually takes a lot of tools and product to accomplish. And my hair dries 2 or 3 times faster when I use this - perfect for those hot summer days where you can't bear to be under the heat of a dryer or straightener for long!

To keep tangles at bay, you got to try Angelo's Medium- and Large-Sized Combs. They not only look good, but feel good too.

And for the ultimate luxury, Angelo David Hand-Crafted Natural Boar’s Hair Bristle Hairbrushes (pictured above) are specially designed to keep your hair tangle-free. There's a mix of long nylon bristles and natural boar bristles so you can control your hair and smooth it all in one motion. It feels fantastic on your scalp and hair and in the hand, you'll become one of those girls you read about that brushes her hair 100 times before bed!

Shop Angelo David Salon Hair Care and fix that mess on top of your head for once. If it works on this head o' mine, it'll work on yours!

Stephanie Dickison

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