Want Beautiful Skin? Just Use Hormeta Legendary Swiss Skin Care

Whether you're shopping HormetaUSA or Hormeta in Canada, you'll find products that completely transform your skin.

Using only genuine Swiss made products and Hormeta's exclusive "ionized mineral solution delivery system containing copper, zinc, magnese and selenium that penetrates deep into the skin tissue to activate vital functions and biological exchanges for cell regeneration, repair and protection," you get this amazing deep, luxurious treatment, all in the comfort of your own home.

I am hooked on Hormeta's Hydro Mineral Moisturizing Cream w/ Trace Elements. I love the way it feels going on, but more importantly it delivers moisture all day long. Don't you find that sometimes in the afternoon, you suddenly feel dehydrated? That's because your moisturizer has stopped working. Not this one. It works overtime to deliver vitamins and minerals that not only keep wrinkles at bay but feeds your skin with neat ingredients such as hazelnut oil and vitamin E.

And the Eye Contour Rescue Gel Mask is just what I need after a long day at the computer screen or reading the fine print of ingredients while testing recipes. It soothes and deflates the bags and dark circles that form there and the best part? If you apply just a little, there's no need to rinse it off, so it can be working while you're working. Gotta love a products that works as hard as you do!

There are soooo  many products, you should really have a look at them all. There's stuff for the body and men as well! Whether you're in Canada, the US or shopping worldwide, you are going to fall for Hormeta just as I have.

Stephanie Dickison

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