Say Thanks with Lovely Garden Blossom Fold & Mail Stationery by Yana Beylinson

There are so many things to be grateful for.

That's why I have a whole drawer dedicated to just stationery.

Whether it's a dinner party invite or time spent with a friend, I always like to send a note of thanks and gratitude. And one of my favourite new finds is Garden Blossoms Fold & Mail by Yana Beylinson.

It just oozes spring with  these 5 different, colourful hand-drawn floral designs in the most beautiful shades of pink, green, blue and gray. And with 40 sheets per pad, you can say thanks or "thinking about you," to your heart's content.

It's such fun to write and then fold and seal it, card and envelope all-in-one. And the recipients are loving it - opening the package is like revealing a category winner at the Oscars!

This stationery is a delightful and quick way to send a note to someone. Don't you have someone you'd like to thank?

Stephanie Dickison

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