Rock Your Nails (Just Like Katy Perry) with OPI's Black Shatter!

You've no doubt heard the insanity surrounding OPI's Black Shatter nail polish, featured in the Katy Perry Collection - salons can't keep it in stock and women can't get enough of it.

It's no wonder. This is one of the best innovations I've ever seen and man does it look wicked on!

The way it works is that you apply a polish as you normally would. Each colour you choose looks different when paired with Black Shatter. For example, the first time I tried it, I applied a putty gray,  which looked soo modern and chic. I tried it the second time with magenta, - I liked it on other girls when I saw it, but not on me. I think I'll stick with pale colours, but that doesn't mean that you have to. Rock it with dark blue if that's what makes you happy! I'm just too pale to pull off dark hues without looking vampy, I think.

It's hard to imagine how this works until you do it and see it for yourself. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy. Once you've put on your polish, swath Black Shatter over it. You cover your nail and for a moment, just a split second, you might panic (as I did) and think that you now have black nails. But just wait one more quick second and boom - the black starts to shrink and shrivel away, revealing your cool colour underneath! It is so fascinating to watch, and the results? Unbelievably cool!

I finished a glossy top coat to seal it and to keep it looking fresh and I went a whole week before I felt like they needed freshening up. Sweet.

The best part wasI could not stop looking at my nails and neither could other women. On the subway, in a store, ladies pulled my hands towards them and shrieked with delight. And then begged me to tell them where to get it!

I am completely addicted to Black Shatter. And word on the street is that pale shatter colours for Spring and Summer are coming.

Oh. My. God.

Shop OPI and get your own Black Shatter going on!

Stephanie Dickison

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