Discover Sexy Haute Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps

Nail trends are showing that textures, patterns and unique looks are what's hot right now.

And there's no easier way to get a hot look for your nails than Nail Rock.

These designer nail wraps allow you to rock the latest styles without having to spend achingly-long hours painting your nails, waiting for them to dry and then having to paint a design on top of them. It's so easy to get a glam look of cheetah, Black Lace on White, Metallic Red or as I tried on, Metallic Lizard (pictured above, middle row-left column).

I was amazed that I was able to apply them with such ease. Usually these types of items say that they're easy to use, but actually require a lot of skill. In fact, it took just moments to apply all ten.

You simply clean, file and buff your nails. You choose the size of the wrap for each nail, just be sure you don't touch the adhesive. You apply the wrap against your cuticle and use your hairdryer on it for a few seconds until it becomes soft. Then you apply it firmly to one side of your nail and then reheat the wrap and do the other side. Heat everything again quickly and file off any excess material.

I know it sounds like a lot  - and truthfully, I thought it would take close to half an hour to do everything - but I was finished in under 10 minutes!

The look is so smooth and sleek - so much better than painted, don't you think? And I feel invincible with them on. I did everything I normally do - wash dishes, made homemade pizza, blow-dried my hair - and I didn't have to worry about my polish chipping or these babies staying on. They stuck on through all my daily activities, and yet, they were incredibly easy to remove! I thought I'd have to pry them off, but a few hits of heat from the hairdryer and they peeled right off, with just one nail left with a little bit of glue on it (which came off with one swipe of a nail polish remover daubed cotton ball).

Ooh, they are sexy! I want one of each design, don't you?!

If you want hot looking nails that are gallery opening, cocktail drinking and general going out worthy, you've got to get yourselves a bunch of Nail Rocks (you can get yourself 4 or 5 of these for the price of what you'd pay for a regular manicure!).

Nail Rocks rock. It's that simple.

Get yours now and have the most lusted after nails of the night.

Stephanie Dickison

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