Streamline Your Purse With the Innovative Design of Keybrid

I don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner, but thank goodness for Keybrid.

See, these folks thought why have to thread your key on a keychain - why not make the key a ring itself?

It's sheer genius, not to mention great design.

I see people all the time with these bulky keychains like they're superintendents. Hown do they walk around with all that extra weight everyday?!

Just get your Keybrid - now available in Silver (and soon in Pink, Black and Gold) - cut as you would any key and you've got yourself a new key AND chain in one sweet, sleek package.

Now you can find your keys with ease thanks to this awesome system - clip it to your purse, belt or anywhere that makes it easily accessible.
Get Keybrids for you and everyone you know.

Life is short. You should have gorgeous keys.

Stephanie Dickison

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