New Ring Guard Solution Resizes Rings Quickly & Easily

A couple of years ago, some friends were in New York or Boston somewhere and picked out a ring that they thought was very "me."

Usually people get this very wrong, but this couple couldn't have chosen better - a  very modern, edgy patent black thick band that goes almost as high as my knuckle. Problem is, I've never been able to wear it as it's way too big.

So when I found out about new Ring Guard Solution, I was thrilled - I can finally wear this backlog of jewelry that's just been tucked away in a jewelry box for years due to purchasing the wrong size and all the fluctuation in my weight (I eat and write for a living, so you can just imagine... If only they made this for my waistline!)

It's so easy to use - simply squeeze a small amount of Ring Guard Solution gel to the inside of the ring and let it dry (up to 3 hours).

It will set to a clear, soft plastic that fills in the gap between your ring and finger but remains invisible. You can't feel a thing, except that your ring finally fits comfortably. In fact, it's better than wearing your rings on their own because you get that extra padding. And it stays on - whether you're at your computer typing, washing the dishes, even swimming. No more slipping and sliding!

If you ever want to remove it, it just peels off and doesn't leave any marks or scratches on your rings (like those bulky metal or plastic ring guards that you may have used in the past).

According to Ring Guard Solutions, the tube has enough gel to "treat several dozen rings." At only $7.95 a tube, it's costing mere cents to make your rings wearable again. And after 3 years, I can finally wear that wonderful ring my friends brought back from their trip.

I think that's pretty wonderful, don't you?

Stephanie Dickison

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