Finally Be Hands-Free with Wallets2Wear!

Look, I take my bag everywhere I go: I don't leave it in the car and even if I'm just popping out for one or two things, I barrel it over my shoulder just in case.

But there are some nights where I want to leave it all behind - I want to be footloose and fancyfree without having to cart my purse around with my all night.

However, my wardrobe presents a unique problem - almost everything I own has no pockets. I rarely wear jeans and all of my tops are streamlined - not a pocket in sight!

So Wallets2Wear is a saving grace for me, because it allows me the peace of mind of having my essentials "on hand" without having to carry a damn thing. You simply fill up the pouch, close the flap and slip it on or close up the sides - depending upon the design. Watch a quick video to see how easy it is!

Plus they are so stylish, I would want to wear these even if they didn't come with the ever-so-handy zip pocket.

I have two so I can dress it up or down:

All That Glitters - I wear this one (pictured above) with LBDs and when I need a little something to perk me up. Large striped silver beads and smaller plain silver beads add chic to any outfit.
White Bandana Wrap - This adds a little flair to my everyday gear. Little does anyone know it also makes my life easier, in addition to making me look good. 

Shop the entire range of Wallets2Wear and get yourself some stylish accessories as well as additional place to keep your lipstick, iPod, etc.

Stephanie Dickison

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