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I know what you're thinking.

Here it is February 1st and you haven't done all the things you said you'd do. You made plans in your head, but you didn't follow through with them. It's too late. The moment has passed.


It's never too late. And who says that you have to be all ready and motivated on January 1st, after weeks of either overindulging or feeling guilty for not completing everything that has to be done?

Nuh uh. You can start right now.

And the best place to start is with the prettiest planner on the block by PriaVanda.

Using satin ribbons and a unique technique to basket weave her handcrafted products, New York designer PriaVanda has found the perfect medium to create the structure for her line.

PriaVanda says, "I began weaving ribbons through plain bamboo mats to dress them up and was suddenly inspired to add this touch to everyday items. I was drawn to stationery because I cannot live without my day planner and that was the first product I created. The line grew from there."

The best thing is that she makes these necessities of our daily lives so damn gorgeous and usable that you'll want to use them ALL THE TIME and you'll wonder what you were doing using those ugly black vinyl ones from the office supply stores all the years. 

I knew as soon as I saw the Handmade Weekly Day Planner, that I'd found the perfect system - an organizer to help keep my crazy life straight that's enhances my desktop. I mean a planner this stylish has got to be on display at all times. Or kept in your bag, so you can show it off while you're out and about!

I got the Handmade Diagonal Weekly Day Planner (pictured above) with the most stunning pinks and grays. It comes in a range of colours - blues and browns, orange and black, pinks and browns, blues and grays, black and gold or choose your own colours. How's that for personalized?! And it gets better - start with any month that you want.  Who says you have to start Jan 1st like the rest of the world? Begin with the month of your choosing and your year will follow from there.  Finally, a calendar that works on your schedule, not anyone else's. 

The covers are made from thick, sturdy cardboard, so it won't be all flimsy like those ones you've had in the past. The front is covered in satin ribbons and the back gets covered in paper matching your selection.  The hard wire binding keeps everything neatly together and allows you to not only use the book completely flat, but you can also flip the front cover over and use just one side of the book at a time - great for when you want to use it on the train, in a small cafe, etc.

The monthly pages (one month over two pages) have good size boxes that allow you to plan and schedule ahead. And the weekly pages (one week on two pages) are set up brilliantly - your appointments go in the boxes on the left and your to do list is on the right. With this system, you simply fill in the blanks, so there's no messiness, no trying to scrutinize your notes to see what you wrote is a to do or a place to be. It's all neatly laid out for you. It's genius.

You also get:

- Monthly & weekly motivational quotes
- Notes section
- 2 year reference calendar
- Important holidays
- To do list
- Ribbon bookmark in matching colour
- Integrated folder in matching color

And because the pages are printed on 28lb. acid-free archival paper, you can use fine pens and markers without them bleeding through to the other side, so colour code and highlight your life (I do!).

You can further personalize your Day Planner with the your name. Doesn't that make for a nice gift?

You are going to have to write down your appointments and things to do anyway - why not do it somewhere that makes you happy?

Your year starts now!

Stephanie Dickison

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