Body Blitz on the Go Brings The Spa Home to You

A couple of years back, my friend Camille asked if I wanted to go to Body Blitz with her. We were both working crazy hours and she thought it would be a great stress-reliever.

Body Blitz is a spa that "puts a modern twist on ancient restorative water practices. Situated in an 11,000 sq. ft. warehouse space in the heart of Toronto, body blitz boasts a 38 ft. Dead sea salt pool, hot green tea pool, cold plunging pool, aromatherapy steam, infrared sauna, and 20 treatment rooms. Relax in our therapeutic waters, detoxify in our steam and sauna or replenish in our mud, scrub, body or massage treatments."

I take my Mom every year for her birthday - Thanks, Camille!

And now they've launched a new line of natural skincare products - Body Blitz on the Go  - that work much like the healing waters do, using natural elements and botanicals.

Only a handful of face products have been transformative enough that I could just put them on and go outside without a bit of makeup on (If it were the apocalypse, I'd apply makeup before leaving the house - I still wouldn't want to scare anyone).

Body Blitz Replenishing Face Moisturizer is one of them. As soon as I apply it, my skin has a luminescence and radiance that I thought was available only to stars like Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie.  Employing argan oil, one of this year's biggest contenders for all-natural wonder ingredient, and something called Renovage, you won't believe how young and vibrant you look, all within seconds of application. Oh, and these ingredients are anti-aging, so the more you use this amazingly light cream, the better you'll look.  Yes, happy birthday to you indeed...

And speaking of argan, I am completely smitten with Body Blitz's Argan Oil Face Serum. Not only does it give you the same effects as above, it manages to do it without being greasy in the least. How do they manage that with an oil?!

And to bring the fresh water and spa feeling home with you, luxuriate in their Mint Lime Body Wash and Body Lotion. Both rejuvenating and nourishing, there's no other way you'll want to start your day.

I have tried and tested many skincare lines in my life and this is one of my absolute faves.

Shop the entire Blitz on the Go collection and have a day at the spa every day.

Stephanie Dickison

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