My Top Perfume Picks of 2010: Part 2 - Go Get 'Em Now, Stores Close Early Today!

I have had a ton of fun testing so many perfumes this year. Here are the rest of my picks for Best Perfumes of 2010!

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I chose Marc Jacobs BANG this week for top cologne and his fragrances for women also make it onto my faves list, including Lola, the Velvet Edition.

This limited edition bottle, marking Lola's first anniversary, is so stunning, the bottle is as much the present as the fragrance - frosted violet glass is topped with a thick gold band and a velvety, soft flower cap with vibrantly coloured petals.

The scent is intriguing and completely original. I've never experienced anything like it. It develops over time so the different ingredients and components come out one after another - fuchsia peony, pink peppercorn, pear d'anjou, ruby red grapefruit, rose, geranium, vanilla, tonka bean adn creamy musk.

It is decidedly feminine and exudes strength without being potent. It is creamy, floral, modern and playful. In other words, everything you want.

Get the Lola Gift Set now and be sure to pick up the Lola Limited-Edition Perfume Bracelet as well. With the Lola scent in a solid inside the flower and the bracelet's heavy gold chain, you will  be the belle of the ball with this awesome accessory.

Explore the Lola universe here.

This Jeffrey Koons-like bottle makes for such a fun and memorable gift. 

The fragrance is described as "a sparkling floral bouquet," but for me, it's deeper than that. It has a woodsy feel. That must be the musk and jasmine, but the essences of grapefruit, strawberries and violet give it a fresh, unique scent that is all at once intoxicating and youthful. It makes you want to shorten your skirt, get up and dance and do all those things you said you'd do this year.

It's the scent of possibility.

And the Daisy Solid Perfume Ring will make choosing your New Year's Eve accessories a snap! This modern, chic, over-sized ring is a great way to make a statement and keep your scent close.

You can explore the whole Daisy world here.

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