Icebreaker: The Stylish Clothes You Crave With the Added Bonus of Comfort & Warmth

Once this cold weather hits you probably think, I don't care what I look like, I just want to be warm.

Then two days later you decide, Okay, I want to be warm AND look good.

That is why you should shop Icebreaker.

Their clothing is made from Pure New Zealand Merino, a fabric that goes beyond all others because the individual fibres breathe. This results in giving you a warm insulation, without the risk of sweat or feeling clammy - your temperature remains remarkably steady and comfortable. So bring on the windy cold! You won't feel a thing!
The other exciting feature to this merino fabric is how lightweight it is. It is so comfortable to wear, you'll want all of your wardrobe basics to be made out of merino. You can layer the pieces to give you the feelings you're wearing just one piece - there's no bulk here, or that awful scratchy feeling.

Take the Rapid Zip, for instance. This awesome jacket is described as a "classic midweight high performance top that maximises freedom of movement." Midweight? Really? Because it feels so cotton candy light to me. As soon as I put it on, I wanted to:

1. Start running. Hey, when you look this good, who doesn't want to show it off?
2. Switch all my clothing over to Icebreaker because everyone should feel this comfortable.

This slim-fitting jacket is incredibly flattering (Well no, I don't work out, but thank you), and I can't believe that something this close to the body doesn't pinch or cinch anywhere. Not even in the crook of my arm when I bend it LIKE EVERY OTHER JACKET I'VE EVER HAD. It's a complete dream! 

Even the pockets are nice - you zip them open and they are warm and deep. They are actually handwarmers. Oh my.

I wore it on a freezing cold night this week and I was so toasty that I could have walked for hours.

But what if you want something a little dressier for the holidays? If you think all of their clothing is made for athletic function, think again!

The Villa Dress (pictured above) from their Travel Lite Collection is so pretty. You can dress it up or down and layer over or under it for a number of different looks. And the added bonus? It's super light and comfy, DOESN'T NEED IRONING (!!!) and can be washed in the machine!

The wide, deep v-neck is flattering and the dress doesn't cut too closely (read: covers you where you want it to). The cap sleeves, raw edge details and double looped belt keep it modern looking - no one has to know it's this cozy or feels like pajamas. Roll it up and throw it in a bag - wear it as soon as you hit your destination: no ironing required! When was the last time you had a dress like this?

These are just 2 of the many items of men, women and kids clothing and accessories that Icebreaker makes. If you want clothes that you never want to take off and that make you look and feel good, ensconce yourself in Icebreaker.

Shop the Icebreaker collections now.

p.s. With every garment featuring a unique Baacode sewn in, you can go online and trace the fibre back to the sheep farm that grew the merino, all the way through the Icebreaker supply chain.

Stephanie Dickison

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